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January 19.2023
1 Minute Read

20 Interesting Facts About Hairdressers That Will Leave You Speechless


There are numerous tasks in the world that you can get without any kind of qualification. However, for the majority of people, a job that requires particular skills is a lot more advantageous than one that does not. When it concerns hair dressing jobs, they are amongst the most rewarding also and they provide an outstanding income source as well. If you're interested in working as a hairdresser however have no concept where to start with your search, then this article is for you! Here are some interesting facts about hair cabinets that will leave you speechless!

Did you understand that only

37% of hairdressers are females

This data reveals that out of every ten hair stylists, six are women. This is a fairly low ratio, which is surprising since hairstyling is an art that requires a great deal of finesse. The big bulk of individuals who decide to end up being hair stylists do so due to the fact that they simply love to work with their hands.

Hairdressing has actually ended up being an increasingly popular career over the last couple of years. With hundreds of countless hairdressers across the nation looking for work, the competitors to protect a job in this industry can be intense. You can utilize this information to your advantage when trying to find a hairdressing task as there are plenty of beauty parlors that are just searching for female stylists.

10% of people who work in the beauty market are hairdressers

Hair stylists are some of the most sought-after specialists in the beauty industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 1,600,000 hair stylists utilized in the United States. To put this into point of view, this is more than the combined populations of the following states: California, New York, and Illinois. So, if you are considering pursuing a career in the charm market, it's clear that hairdressing is a great choice.

To make it much more clear, there are likewise approximately

So, if you're interested in operating in the beauty industry, it's most likely that hairdressing is among the top options.

6% of individuals who work in the appeal market are male

In this short article about facts about hair stylists, we learned that the huge bulk of hair stylists are women. We also discovered that hairdressing has actually ended up being a popular career option and is among the leading markets when it pertains to the need for hairdressers.

However, there are a few stunning truths that you may have missed out on. Remarkably, there are 6% of individuals who work in the beauty market that are male!

The reason that this statistic is so unexpected is due to the fact that most of people who operate in the appeal market are female.

Furthermore, most of hairdressers are female too. It's clear that there needs to be more male hair stylists in the industry, but why?

Hair stylists are needed to be extremely flexible and able to move in between positions quickly

Among the crucial requirements for a hairdresser is to be versatile and able to shift between positions quickly. While this may not appear like a huge deal, it's frequently the difference in between being utilized and being unemployed.

There is a consistent requirement for brand-new hair stylists, and companies frequently prefer to employ someone who is open to changing their position if a new chance arises.

This is why you should think about a career in hair styling if you want to discover work rapidly. When it comes to the kind of work that you do, there are couple of positions that are more flexible than hair styling.

You might operate in a high-end beauty parlor, a barbershop, or a charm supply shop, however you will be on-call and shift between different positions frequently.


Hairdressing is a gratifying career path for those who have an interest in a hands-on career that uses a high income. While the majority of hairdressers are female, there are likewise a substantial number of men who work as hair stylists. Similar to any career path, it's crucial to discover a job that you delight in, and hairdressing may be a good alternative for you.

As we discovered in this short article, hairdressing is an extremely satisfying career course that offers flexible hours, the chance to work in a high-end beauty salon or a hair salon, and the possibility to open your own business.

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